Meet the Artist

“All my art is inspired by the beautiful mountain and river valley of North Alabama where I live and from all the nature within.”
— Meg Tannehill Justice

Meg Tannehill Justice is a linocut printmaker from the beautiful Tennessee Valley of North Alabama. Having been a painter and illustrator all her life, she graduated from Auburn University with a BFA in illustration. 

Her prints are all originals from beginning till the finished piece. Each intricate design is first hand-carved into a linoleum block and printed onto paper with the help of a gentle rubber roller. Each design is pulled by hand off the block individually and dried in the artist’s studio.

We fell in love with Meg’s work and its ability to capture Nature’s beauty. As we considered the redesign of our Hibou label, we kept going back to the idea of working from one of Meg’s linocuts. We asked her if she would create a carving for us, drawing inspiration from the Russian River Valley and the owls that watch over its vineyards. She replied with an emphatic yes, telling us about her memories of visiting the Russian River Valley and her love for Sonoma Coast wines. Meg created this gorgeous print, one that inspired our new label and one that we are sharing as a hand-printed limited-edition to accompany our Fall Release offering to our mailing list members.

We invite you discover more of Meg Tannehill Justice’s work on her Instagram page.