Sometimes a small producer like Hibou gets access to legendary fruit with the promise that we won’t disclose the name at the risk of ruffling the feathers of the bigger guys. Therefore, we affectionately call this super-special-undisclosed-hillside-acre-in-Carneros “Hilary’s Vineyard,” because Hilary loves this site’s clean, acid-driven Chardonnay. 

Partnering with legendary and incredibly meticulous growers is essentially a thrilling hands-on masterclass. We adjust our farming based on lab numbers and intuition, experimenting with various techniques to draw out the honest character of these outstanding vines. It’s an ongoing response to what the vines want and what the microclimate demands, from pruning to leafing to fruit-dropping. 

The vineyard stretches across rolling hills in the heart of Carneros, cooled by the steady winds off the San Pablo Bay. It’s farmed for low yields, with very compact clusters. The tremendously concentrated Calera clone fruit makes a luscious, “California” style of Chardonnay that retains a beautiful tension and balance—very textured and expressive. 

Soil Type
Clay Loam


From Hilary’s Vineyard

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