After his initial success working with Riddle Vineyard, Jason was keen to track down another Sonoma Coast site. He reached out to folks who knew the vineyards around the town of Graton, ultimately connecting with Al Steele at Dutton Goldfield. Al kindly drove Jason through the backroads of Green Valley to explore local vineyards.

They ended up at a hidden property at the end of a long gravel road, beyond a dirt driveway, and behind a locked gate. Inside, the landscape opened up to spectacular rolling hills of vines, surrounding a redwood grove. Tina Marie Vineyard truly feels like paradise, a secret garden that no one knows is there.

And then there’s that Sonoma Coast smell—that unforgettable briny, cool, mineral, seaweed scent that just envelops you. It’s a reflection of this truly unique spot, at the intersection of the Sonoma Coast, Green Valley, and Russian River Valley appellations.

Tina Marie Vineyard is owned and farmed by Ron Black, a retired San Francisco police officer living his dream. Ron has graciously allowed us take over a few blocks of his Pinot Noir vines, clones 115, 667, and 77. We absolutely love the wine it makes.

Sonoma Coast, Green Valley, and Russian River Valley
Pinot Noir
115, 667, and 77
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From Tina Marie Vineyard

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